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M-Files – September 2023 Update

Highlights in this release

πŸ“Š Users with the β€œFull control of vault” rights can now change reporting and data export settings in M-Files Admin. This enables self-service reporting changes on M-Files Cloud. (The SQL database and connection string settings can still be changed by server administrators only.)


🏷️ Properties can be set to be used only for templates: the set properties are not copied to the objects created with the template.


πŸ™‹ A new β€œRemove Assignees when Workflow State Changes” setting: if set to No, M-Files does not remove the assignee information when the workflow state changes. (Default behavior is to remove assignees when the workflow state changes, as the assignment is considered completed.)


πŸ“Œ Pinned tab improvements: the selected item is now highlighted and the check-out statuses of items are shown.