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M-Files Document generation

How document generation works in M-Files

What is document generation ?

Document generation is like having a magic tool that automatically creates documents for you. 


It takes information you have, such as names, numbers, and text, and puts it into a template to make a complete document.


Instead of manually typing out documents every time, document generation automates the process. 


This saves a lot of time and effort, especially for recurring documents like invoices, reports, or contracts.



Since document generation pulls information from your data, there are fewer chances for typos or errors. 


This makes your documents more reliable and professional.

Want to see this feature in a live demo ?


All documents generated from the same template will look the same and follow the same structure. 


This ensures a consistent, professional appearance for your documents.



Document generation can still be flexible.


You can customize templates to include specific details or variations while keeping the overall format consistent.


In M-Files, document generation integrates with your existing data and documents. 


This means you can easily generate new documents using information already stored in your system.


Version control

Generated documents can be tracked and managed just like any other document, with version control and access permissions in place.

In summary, document generation is a powerful tool in M-Files because it automates document creation, saving time, improving accuracy, ensuring consistency, and making it easy to integrate with your existing documents and data.