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M-Files Search & Find

How search & find works in M-Files

Metadata-Based Search

M-Files primarily relies on metadata (attributes or properties associated with documents) for searching.


Users can specify search criteria based on metadata such as document title, author, creation date, keywords, customer name, project ID, and more.

Full-Text Search

In addition to metadata, M-Files also supports full-text search. This means it can search the content within documents, including text, PDFs, Word documents, and other text-based files.


This is useful when you’re looking for specific information within documents.


Advanced Search Filters

M-Files offers advanced search filters that allow users to narrow down search results further.


Filters may include document type, version, status, access permissions, and more. Users can combine multiple criteria to create complex queries.

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Quick Search

M-Files typically provides a quick search bar that allows users to enter keywords or phrases for an immediate search.


This is useful for quickly finding documents without needing to set up complex search parameters.


Search Results Preview

After performing a search, M-Files displays search results in a list format.


Users can typically see document titles, metadata, and a preview of the document content.


This preview helps users quickly identify the right document.

Overall, the search function in M-Files is a crucial feature for efficient document management. It enables users to quickly and accurately locate documents, fosters organization, and enhances collaboration while maintaining security and compliance.