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M-Files Workflow Automation

How workflow automation works in M-Files

What is workflow automation

Workflow automation in M-Files simplifies and streamlines the way documents and tasks move through your organization. 


It’s like having a digital assistant that helps manage the flow of work.

Automated processes

Workflow automation in M-Files lets you create automated processes for document and task management.


It defines the steps, actions, and rules that documents or tasks follow as they move through your organization.


Task assignments

It assigns tasks and responsibilities to individuals or teams based on predefined criteria. 


For example, a document might automatically be sent for review to a specific person when it’s created.

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Workflow automation sends notifications to relevant parties when action is required. 


This can include alerts about pending approvals, deadlines, or other important events.


Conditional logic

You can set up conditional logic in workflows, so actions are triggered based on specific conditions.


For instance, a document might follow one path if it’s marked as “urgent” and another if it’s not.

Approvals and reviews

Workflow automation can include approval and review processes, ensuring that documents are reviewed by the right people before they are finalized or published.


In summary, workflow automation in M-Files is a powerful tool for improving efficiency, consistency, and accountability in document management. It streamlines processes, reduces manual work, enhances visibility, and ensures that your organization operates smoothly and in compliance with its policies and regulations. This makes M-Files a strong choice for businesses looking to optimize their document management systems.