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Deltek Maconomy

Powering Project Success with the Industry’s Leading ERP

Maconomy is a comprehensive financial management and project management software designed primarily for professional services organizations, such as consulting firms, advertising agencies, engineering companies, and other project-based businesses.

Key features and offerings of Deltek Maconomy

Financial Management

Maconomy enables businesses to efficiently manage their financial operations, including general ledger accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and budgeting.

Project Management

It offers robust project management tools to plan, track, and analyze projects from inception to completion. This includes project scheduling, resource allocation, and cost tracking.

Time and Expense Tracking

Users can record and manage billable hours, expenses, and time-related data for accurate client billing and project cost control.

Resource Management

Maconomy allows organizations to optimize resource allocation by tracking employee availability, skills, and workload. This ensures that the right people are assigned to the right projects.

Billing and Invoicing

It supports flexible billing models, including fixed fee, time and materials, and milestone-based billing. Users can generate invoices based on project progress and track payments.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Maconomy offers robust reporting and analytics tools, providing insights into project performance, financial health, and other key metrics to support data-driven decision-making.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

Ideal for global businesses, Maconomy can handle multiple currencies and languages, making it suitable for organizations with an international presence.

Integration and Automations

Maconomy can integrate with other software and tools, such as CRM systems, to create a seamless workflow and data sharing between departments.

Compliance and Security

It includes features to ensure compliance with accounting standards and data security, helping organizations meet regulatory requirements.

Software for Project-Centric Industries


Management Consulting Make every project profitable by increasing billable hours and maximising productivity with an integrated ERP and Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution.


Financial management software solutions providing visibility and control to help CPAs, accounting firms and bookkeepers strengthen client relationships and drive business growth.

IT Manager

Deltek Maconomy features by role


The Employee role is central to delivering the company’s services. 

This role is highly skilled in delivering the type of work the company sells to its client, whether that requires analysis, consulting, planning or other deliverables. 


His or her tasks in the application are :

Project manager

The PM role executes and manages the project – from project start to full delivery.

The Project Manager is in charge of the successful delivery of projects to the client. They own the project from creation to delivery and is responsible for setup, quote creation and approval, as well as for a signed Statement of Work. 


His or her tasks in the application are :

Resource manager

The resource manager owns and drives resource planning and employee utilizationThe Resource Manager is responsible for managing the company’s people planning. The Resource Manager has a full overview of what everybody in the company is working on and is responsible for identifying the need for freelance help within budget. 

His or her tasks in the application are :

Account manager

The account manager owns the client relationship in terms of managing opportunities, forecasting and overall project responsibility 

The Account Manager is responsible for the client relationship. It is their responsibility to drive new business with full visibility into each client’s pipeline of current and incoming work. 

His or her tasks in the application are :

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