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M-Files DMS

What are the M-Files benefits ?

No more lost files

Instead of navigating through complex folder structures or trying to recall specific filenames, users can simply enter relevant keywords or phrases into the search function to find the needed documents instantly.

No more version confusion

Version control in M-Files tracks and manages different iterations of documents, allowing users to view, edit, and revert to previous versions while maintaining a clear history of changes.

No more repetitive slow document processes

The workflow and notifications function in M-Files automates and orchestrates document and task processes, assigning responsibilities and sending notifications to streamline collaboration and ensure efficient workflow progression.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is a Document Management System (DMS) ?

Imagine a world where finding a document is as easy as snapping your fingers. That's the magic of Document Management!


Picture your office – papers everywhere, files stacked high, and the clock ticking as you search for that one important document.


Now, let's replace this chaos with a simple, digital system. That's what Document Management is all about.

2. Why should I choose M-Files for managing my documents?

Choosing M-Files for your document management needs is like choosing a Swiss Army knife for your digital workspace – versatile, efficient, and reliable.

M-Files takes the headache out of handling paperwork. It's a simple, secure, and smart way to keep your business running smoothly. Think less clutter, more clarity, and a whole lot of time saved. That's something every business, big or small, can benefit from!

3. How Does Metadata Enhance Document Management Systems?

With metadata, searching for documents becomes incredibly precise and fast. Instead of combing through folders, you can search based on content, context, or specific attributes like author, date, or document type. It’s like having a personal detective inside your system, finding exactly what you need in no time.

4. What are the Best Practices for Implementing a Document Management Solution Like M-Files?

Implementing a document management solution like M-Files is like orchestrating a symphony. Each piece needs to be in harmony with the others to create a beautiful melody.  And like each symphony needs a conductor the implementation of a DMS require a good partner.

5. Why Choose SoftAdvice as Your Partner for Implementing M-Files ?

Choosing SoftAdvice as your partner for implementing M-Files means tapping into a rich reservoir of expertise, receiving customized and comprehensive support, and ensuring a future-proof, secure, and efficient deployment that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Compare M-Files Editions

Choose the preferred edition for your business

Features Base Team Business
Cloud hosted
Mobile Apps (iOS - Android)
Office integration
Teams integration
Full text search
Metadata based access control
Workflow automation
AI metadata suggestions

More pricing info ?

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M-Files industry awards and recognitions

M-Files Named Winner in the 2022 BIG Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards
M-Files Named to KMWorld’s AI 50 List Honoring Companies that Empower Intelligent Knowledge Management
M-Files industry recognitions
M-Files Named a Strong Performer by Independent Research Firm Forrester
M-Files Wins Best Feature Set and Best Relationship Awards in Document Management from TrustRadius
M-Files Named a Leader in 2022 Nucleus Research Content Services and Collaboration Value Matrix.

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