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M-Files Automatic Permissions

How access control and permissions work in M-Files

What is access control in M-Files

Access control and permissions in M-Files are mechanisms that determine who can access, view, edit, or delete documents and information within the document management system.


In simple terms, they are like the locks and keys that regulate who gets to see and interact with specific documents.

Locking documents

Access control in M-Files allows you to “lock” documents, ensuring that only authorized individuals can open and work on them.


This prevents unauthorized access and accidental changes.


Viewing rights

Permissions specify who can view the content of a document. You can set up different levels of access, from complete public access to highly restricted access for a select few.

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Editing and modification rights

Permissions also determine who can edit or modify the content of a document.


This helps maintain document integrity and prevents unauthorized changes.


Deletion rights

You can control who has the ability to delete documents.


This prevents accidental or malicious deletion.

In summary, access control and permissions in M-Files are robust tools that enhance document management in several ways. They bolster security, promote compliance, protect confidentiality, maintain data integrity, facilitate collaboration, and provide fine-grained control over who can access and modify documents. This makes M-Files a strong choice for organizations that require secure and organized document management.