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M-Files Collaboration

How collaboration works in M-Files

Team work

Collaboration tools in M-Files enable team members to work together on documents, making it easier to share ideas, gather input, and collectively create or review content.

Real-time Access

M-Files allows multiple users to access and edit documents simultaneously, so everyone is on the same page, making teamwork faster and more efficient.


Version control

Collaboration in M-Files includes version control, ensuring that there’s a clear history of document changes and that everyone works on the most up-to-date version.

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M-Files can send notifications to team members when they need to take action on a document, helping everyone stay informed and on schedule.


Access controls

You can set permissions to control who can view, edit, or comment on documents, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and that only authorized individuals can make changes.

Comments and feedback

Annotations allow users to leave comments or provide feedback directly on documents, making communication and revisions clear and efficient.


Task assignments

You can assign tasks to team members within M-Files, ensuring that everyone knows their responsibilities and deadlines.

Document approval

Collaboration features can include approval workflows, where documents go through a review and approval process before finalization.


Remote work

With the ability to collaborate online, M-Files supports remote work, enabling teams to collaborate from different locations or time zones.

In simple terms, collaboration in M-Files brings people together, making it easier for them to work on documents, share ideas, and achieve common goals. It enhances teamwork, communication, and efficiency, making it a strong tool for organizations that value effective collaboration.