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M-Files QMS

Out of the box solution for daily quality management.

Whether it’s internal procedures that your Staff must follow or regulations and standards such as GDPR/CCPA, ISO, HIPAA, or others, M-Files has you covered.

M-Files QMS functions

Controlled documents and SOPs

In M-Files QMS, the management of controlled documents and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) becomes streamlined and efficient, empowering organizations to maintain strict control, accessibility, and compliance with their crucial documentation.

Deviation and Non-Conformance

In M-Files QMS, efficiently recording and managing deviations and non-conformances is essential for identifying, addressing, and preventing issues, ensuring that organizations can maintain high-quality standards and regulatory compliance.

Major - Minor versioning

M-Files QMS simplifies major and minor versioning of documents and records, allowing organizations to track changes, revisions, and updates seamlessly. This ensures document integrity while promoting collaboration and compliance in quality management.

Customer and supplier claims

Within M-Files QMS, handling customer and supplier claims becomes more systematic and effective, enabling organizations to promptly address issues, enhance customer satisfaction, and maintain strong supplier relationships while ensuring compliance with quality standards.

Audit management

M-Files QMS streamlines audit management, providing organizations with a comprehensive tool to plan, execute, and track audits efficiently. This ensures adherence to quality standards, regulatory requirements, and continuous improvement initiatives.

Electronic signatures

Electronic signatures in M-Files QMS offer a secure and compliant way to sign and approve documents and records electronically. This simplifies workflows, accelerates processes, and maintains the integrity of digital documentation within the quality management system.

Quality manual templates

M-Files QMS provides customizable quality manual templates, simplifying the creation and maintenance of comprehensive quality documentation tailored to an organization's specific needs. This enhances consistency and adherence to quality standards while saving time and effort in manual document creation.

Employee certifications

In M-Files QMS, managing employee certifications is made efficient and organized, ensuring that staff qualifications and training records are up-to-date and compliant with quality requirements, thus contributing to a skilled and capable workforce.

Employee training and qualification records

M-Files QMS streamlines the management of employee training and qualification records, facilitating the tracking and verification of staff competencies, ultimately supporting a well-trained workforce and compliance with quality standards.

Full audit trail

M-Files QMS offers a comprehensive audit trail feature, providing a detailed and transparent history of all actions and changes made within the system. This ensures accountability, traceability, and compliance in quality management processes.

Task and deadline management

In M-Files QMS, task and deadline management becomes more efficient and organized, enabling teams to schedule, assign, and monitor tasks, ensuring timely completion and effective quality management across the organization.

Document learning requirements

M-Files QMS helps organizations define and enforce document learning requirements, ensuring that employees are trained and updated on critical documents, ultimately enhancing compliance and knowledge within the quality management system.

Voice of the Customer

Hear out what M-Files amazing users have to say.

Audit proof

Our company is audited throughout the year, from customers conducting quality assurance inspections to our quarterly financial audits--and with MFiles, we spend far less time administrating audits

IT manager

Document control

We recently completed two external audits. Both auditors independently praised our use of M-Files in regard to documentation control and to the fact that our quality manuals were the most up-to-date.

IT Manager

Compliance management

M-Files has become an integral part of our business. Intelligent information management and quality management are now anchored in a system

Director of quality affairs

Unlocking M-Files Success: Challenges and Solutions Unveiled

Challenge 1

Consistency and standardization

Solution 1

QMS helps ensure consistent processes and standards

Challenge 2

Compliance : Organizations need to ensure that they are in compliance with applicable rules.

Solution 2

M-Files QMS can help organizations adhere to industry-specific regulations, international standards (e.g., ISO 9001).

Challenge 3

Process efficiency : the ability to accomplish tasks and objectives with minimal resources, time, or waste.

Solution 3

QMS encourages the optimization of processes, reducing waste, rework, and operational inefficiencies

Challenge 4

Documentation and traceability : The practice of recording and maintaining detailed records of processes and the changes over time

Solution 4

It promotes proper documentation of processes and products, facilitating traceability in case of issues or recalls.

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