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M-Files Views

How views work in M-Files

What are M-Files views

In M-Files, views are a key functionality that allows users to organize and access documents and information in a structured and customizable manner.

Custom organization

Views enable users to create customized ways of organizing and presenting documents and data. 


They can define specific criteria, filters, and sorting options to tailor views to their needs.



Views are often metadata-driven, meaning they use document attributes or properties to categorize and group documents.


Users can create views based on metadata such as document type, status, author, project, or any other attribute relevant to their workflow.

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Search-based views

Views can also be based on search criteria. 


Users can set up saved searches and convert them into views, allowing for dynamic updates as new documents meet the search criteria.


Folder-Like structure

Views can mimic a folder structure, making it easy for users familiar with traditional file systems to navigate and locate documents.

Hierarchical views

Users can create hierarchical views with multiple levels, providing a more detailed and structured way to organize and access documents.



Views typically allow users to apply filters to narrow down the displayed documents.


Filters can be based on metadata values, dates, keywords, or any other criteria relevant to the view.

In summary, views in M-Files offer users a powerful and flexible way to organize, access, and manage documents and data. They enhance efficiency, organization, and customization, making it easier for users to find and work with the information they need. Views can be a valuable tool for document management and information retrieval in organizations of all sizes.