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M-Files – November 2023 Update

Highlights in this release

🔗 Visitor links for M-Files Desktop: You can now share M-Files objects to people without M-Files credentials with visitor links. A visitor link is available only for the people whose email addresses are specified in M-Files. Compared to public links, visitor links are a more secure way to share M-Files objects.

🔍 Showing many object types in one view with M-Files Desktop: You can now use M-Files Desktop to create a view that shows many object types. Previously the object type filter was limited to selecting one object type.

🔐 Permissions dialog in M-Files Web: You can now view the effective user permissions of objects in M-Files Web.

📄 Blank templates can be hidden from the new document dialog: The setting can be found in M-Files Admin, in “Advanced Vault Settings > Configuration > Client > Common > Templates”.

🔗 User-friendlier formatting of public links: When a public link is pasted to, for example, an email, the link shows only the file name and not the URL of the link.