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M-Files – October 2023 Update

Highlights in this release

πŸ“² Connecting to a vault in M-Files Mobile with QR code: you can now easily add a vault connection with a QR code shown in M-Files Desktop. (M-Files Mobile September ’23 Update required.)


πŸ” Index management in M-Files Admin: there is now a dedicated section in M-Files Admin for managing the search indices of a vault. You can for instance start the reindexing process or make sure that indexing for the vault has completed. More information in the user guide:


⬇ Sorting views across all result pages in the new M-Files Web: earlier, sorting was used only for the results shown on the current result page.


πŸ“‚ Files can be added to multi-file documents with a long path i.e. when they are deep in a large view hierarchy.