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Introductie Doxxi

Optimize your accounting practice with Doxxiโ€™s streamlined document management, ensuring secure access to the right client files, tax returns, and financial documents at the right time.

ย Geautomatiseerde Boekhouding



Document Management

Eliminate duplicate files, prevent lost documents, and streamline search capabilities with automated version control, ensuring secure access to the right information at the right time.

Workflow & Permission Automation

Increase efficiency and reduce errors with automated workflows and permission management, ensuring tasks are routed correctly and sensitive information is accessed only by authorized personnel.

Collaboration & Communication

Boost productivity and teamwork with unified communication channels, improved document sharing and version control, and seamless collaboration across teams and locations.


Project Management

Stay on top of your projects with intelligent information management. Centralize project documents, streamline communication, and automate task assignments for seamless project execution.

Financial Management

Manage budgets, costs, and invoicing accurately for maximum profitability by streamlining financial processes, improving transparency, and ensuring precise tracking of expenses and revenue.

Resource Management

ย Optimize capacity and availability by streamlining resource allocation, improving visibility into team workloads, and ensuring the right people are assigned to the right tasks at the right time.