M-Files – A document management platform that helps companies organize, secure, tag and complete business tasks from business files. It’s an excellent solution to manage and store digital documents, helping you to work smarter.

M-Files can help your business by

getting your documents under control

Documents are key to your business

With M-Files you can manage documents as easy as you dreamed it would be.

Automatic version control

Changes are recorded automatically with the build-in version control.

Audit trail

A full audit trail is available on the history of a document.

Workflow Management

Flexible and easy configurable workflows make sure to collaborate efficienty.

Email notifications

Email notifications can be send when a document is added or when a document is changed.


Collaborate easy by attributing assingments to persons and follow-up on the assignments to do.

Which industry we serve

SoftAdvice is a trusted partner for driving efficiency for every industry.

Real Estate
Creative Agency

Bridging the gap

between structured & unstructured data

M-Files connects several business systems and external repositories and allows you to manage information from any repository.

Word - Excel - PowerPoint integration

M-Files provides deep integration with Microsoft Office apps. You can work daily with your documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, while M-Files takes care of managing their life cycle.

Document templates

Templates can be automatically populated with M-Files metadata properties — like company name, contact or address. The result is improved efficiency and a general house style applied to all documents.

MS Teams

M-Files helps you manage information in MS Teams and provides you with a view to all information connected to M-Files, directly from the MS Teams user interface.

ERP & CRM integrations

Each company has different tools and systems. M-Files connects separate silos and lets you integrate with various systems and applications.

Accessing all your company information

wherever and whenever you want it

M-Files makes your documents instantly available to the people who need it, wherever they are, from any device or application.

Consistent, familiar user interface

Regardless of the selected system, deployment method or device in use. This helps users get acclimated to the system faster as they are not presented with anything that is completely unfamiliar.

Enabling mobile use

Guarantee that information is accessible on all devices. A native mobile app also reduces the use of external file sharing applications and minimizes risks.

Enabling collaboration

Internal and external parties, such as updating the most recent information and sharing it on mobile devices, makes cooperation and teamwork easier and more efficient, even with partners outside the organization.

Remote Work Security

When working from home or other locations outside of the office, it is a problem to secure confidential information to make sure that only the right people have access, and leakage is minimized. M-Files helps you mitigate the security concerns

Our solutions

Contract Management

Manage business contracts involving customers, vendors, employees, and more to gain greater visibility and control over contract management.

From creation, to execution, to closing, our contract management solution based on M-Files is developed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of contract management so that risks are avoided and deadlines are met.


SoftAdvice HR solution supports you in building an electronic personnel file and combines all documents in one central location. The basic solution comes with a proposed structure template to get easy and fast up and running.  Moreover, you not only can register personnel data, but processes can also be initiated to easily arrange On/Offboarding Processes.

Quality Managment

M-Files QMS is an easy-to-use quality management solution for SOP management, quality document control, audits, CAPAs, risk management, training and employee qualification.  With M-Files QMS it is  easy for businesses to improve their quality management systems and meet certification requirements.

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