M-Files product update 09/2021

M-Files product update 09/2021

Share private views

M-Files Desktop users can now share their private views to other users via email. Changes to the original view do not have an effect on the shared view, and vice versa.

M-Files for DocuSign version 2.2

The integration now supports DocuSign 2FA methods and signature types for workflow-based electronic signing. For example, you can select the SMS authentication method and the EU Advanced or IDnow signature type for AES and QES level signing. (New add-on version separately available on M-Files Catalog.)

Improvements for the new M-Files Web

Selecting multiple objects from a listing, choosing default landing page (Recent / All / Pinned), changing vault language, alphabetical vault list during login

Performance improvement for M-Files URL searches

Undelete and destroy commands

Commands are now further away from each other in the M-Files Desktop context menu to avoid accidentally destroying an object


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