M-Files product update 08/2020

M-Files product update 08/2020

Rollout via automatic updates begins on August 16th for customers with valid subscription.

  • Office for the web editing support
    • M-Files Add-Ins for Salesforce CRM, Teams and SharePoint Online, and ArcGIS now support online editing for Office 365 documents.
    • When you double-click on an Office 365 document for example in M-Files for Microsoft Teams, it will now launch in Office for the web. You can view, edit, and save the document without the need to download it to your local computer.
  • Support for Okta authentication
    • M-Files Add-Ins for Salesforce CRM, Teams and SharePoint Online, and ArcGIS now support Okta authentication in addition to the previously supported Azure AD and ADFS authentication methods.
  • M-Files for Google G Suite improvements
    • Emails and their attachments can now be saved as separate objects. Emails and attachments in a conversation could previously be saved only to a single multi-file document. This is still the default, but you can now change the setting to saving as separate objects.
    • Value list filtering has been improved. You can now use hierarchical relationships between value lists in the same way as in M-Files Desktop.
    • Previously, when trying to save an email that was already saved and then deleted from M-Files, you may have gotten an error message. This has now been fixed.
    • The “Save to M-Files” option is now available for newly composed messages. Previously, it was only supported when replying to an email that was already saved to M-Files.
    • Labels are now organized in alphabetical order.
    • Other smaller improvements and fixes for the add-in.
  • Comment dialog for assignments opens from the metadata card
    • When completing an assignment on the metadata card (that is, changing workflow status to complete), you can now write a comment to the dialog that is opened. Previously, this was only possible when completing the assignment on the task area.
    • For information on how to disable the comment dialog, visit our user guide.
  • Multiple other improvements and bug fixes.



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