M-Files product update 06/2021

M-Files product update 06/2021

Co-authoring for Multi-Server Mode

Co-authoring is now supported in Multi-Server Mode.

Automatic check-in after Office for web editing in new Web

Users are now prompted to check in the document after editing it in the new M-Files Web.

M-Files Search Improvements

IML for Smart Search

  • M-Files Smart Search now supports connections to external repositories.

High availability for IDOL

  • IDOL now supports high availability via a second IDOL cluster which brings better resilience.

IDOL search 2.0

  • The IDOL search now supports M-Files New Cloud


  • Users can now send documents to DocuSign with a single click (Send with DocuSign button).
  • Process can be initiated directly from PDF without M-Files workflows.
  • Available in M-Files Desktop and M-Files Classic Web.

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