M-Files product update 05/2020

M-Files product update 05/2020

Rollout via automatic updates begins on May 17th for customers with valid subscription.

  • M-Files Ground Link
    • Most companies keep data stored in local systems, such as network folders, SharePoint Server, and legacy ECM systems. With Ground Link, it is now possible to connect M-Files Cloud Vault to on-premises data. You can take advantage of the capabilities and features of M-Files without the need to move your data from your local servers to the cloud.
  • M-Files Smart Metadata
    • M-Files Smart Metadata automatically learns how to extract information from your documents so that they can more effectively be indexed and found.
    • M-Files Smart Metadata finds the significant dates, key organizations, important person names, and other important data from the document and tags it with the information. This reduces the chances of human error and removes the hassle of manual work.
  • Default search filters
    • You can now set customized search filters that will be on for searches by default. For example, you can customize search filters so that your search results always include only sales presentations (Class: Sales Presentation) from the past three years (Created: 2018, 2019, and 2020).
    • To set default search filters, hover over one of the options on the Filters tab (for example, File extension > DOCX) and click the open lock icon that appears in front of the check box. You can reset and change the default search filters.
    • If your vault uses the Micro Focus IDOL search engine, you can set any search filter as default. If dtSearch is used instead, you can select filters from the Scope, Object Type, and Location search options as default.
    • Default search filters are currently available in M-Files Desktop.
  • Multi-server mode
    • It is now possible to attach an M-Files vault to two or more M-Files application servers that will operate simultaneously. This makes it possible to fulfil user requests even if one of the servers is down as the system will redirect the request to a functioning server.
    • Multi-server mode is currently available for on-premises customers. It can be taken into use in vaults using the Micro Focus IDOL search engine.
    • See the configuration instructions and technical details in our Knowledge Base.
  • Improvements to Micro Focus IDOL indexing and search
    • Micro Focus IDOL indexing now supports large external repositories in cloud installations.
    • By default, indexing is now based on whitelists (list of files to be indexed) instead of blacklists (list of files not to be indexed).
    • You can define additional file types to index or not to index based on file extensions.
    • If you prefer to continue using blacklisting, you can set the built-in blacklist to be used instead via the configurations editor in M-Files Admin.

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