M-Files product update 06/2020

M-Files product update 06/2020

Rollout via automatic updates begins on June 14th for customers with valid subscription.

  • Document comparison
    • We have extended the capabilities of the document comparison feature, so that it is now possible to also compare Multi-File documents.
  • Whitelisting by file extension
    • The Network Folder connector now supports whitelisting by file extension. This is convenient when indexing only a limited number of file extensions out of a long list.
  • Notifications improvements
    • We have improved the possibility to edit notifications, so that it is now possible to specify that a “matches filter” notification rule sends a notification per object repeatedly and as long as the object matches the filter.
    • For example, it is now possible to create a common notification rule for contracts that have their deadline in 30 days, and be notified every day starting 30 days before the deadline until the deadline is met.
    • Getting the notification just once is still possible in case that is preferred.
    • We have also updated the notification UI.
      • It is now possible to select weekdays when the digest message will be sent out.
      • In the Notification Rule Properties window, we have made it clearer whether a notification is event-based (sent when a selected event occurs) or filter-based (sent when the object matches the conditions of the filter).

Please note that M-Files will not be releasing a new version in July. The next monthly release will be in August, with rollout via automatic update beginning on August 17th. 


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