Mise à jour du produit M-Files 04/2021

Mise à jour du produit M-Files 04/2021

Automatic Online and Offline Transition

When Automatic Online and Offline Transition has been taken into use, online and offline transitions in M-Files Desktop happen automatically based on the status of the connection to M-Files Server.

Automatic Resolution of Replication Conflicts

Users do not have to manually resolve conflicts anymore. Now M-Files resolves conflicts based on the rule that the oldest change always wins.

Personal tab for M-Files Web

It is now possible to pin a view or a folder for a quick access to documents and other objects in the new M-Files Web.

Multi-Server Mode license

To use Multi-Server Mode, you must have a license for it.

Maximum number of objects in view

Previously it was not possible to specify the maximum number of objects to be shown in a view. The setting “Maximum Number of Objects” has been added to the view query options in M-Files Admin.


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