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With Vitrium Security you get one of the most powerful and simple security programs in your company. Already more than a million users protect, analyze and manage their documents with this program. With just a few mouse clicks, your PDF and Office files are fully protected and ready for distribution. Afterwards, they can be spread seamlessly on the user portal, via email or as content on your own website. Vitrium Security makes sure you never worry about unwanted copied, leaked or stolen files.

Vitrium Security offers a lot of benefits:

  • The program streamlines the entire distribution of your files among your chosen recipients. Determine the users yourselves, divide them into groups, and determine your distribution method.
  • Your files will be protected with Vitrium's AES encryption. That security continues at every stage of the process, so in every circumstance you are assured of complete protection. Even offline you do not have to fear anything.
  • Vitrium Security gives you complete control over your content. You can impose restrictions on copying and printing, setting watermarks, setting browser limits ... The possibilities are legitimate.
  • Vitrium Security allows you to set up your own content portal. This way you collectyou’re your files in one central location. In addition, there is the ability to fully customize this portal to your business style using colors, logos, or even your own URL.
  • Vitrium Security follows your files from sending to reception, and collects inbetween valuable statistical information. In the internal analytical reports you'll find, among other things, who viewed your files, how many pages were consulted and which users are most involved with your services.

Curious about how Vitrium Security works exactly?

The following table gives you a brief overview of the work of the program. How Vitrium Security works exactly

Do you wish to discuss the possibilities of the program, or do you have any questions about Vitrium Security or one of our other services? Contact us now.