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We are here for you!

Our helpdesk staff can assist you by inventing, answering and / or solving your questions or issues by phone, email or remote desktop connection.

 If you have chosen to benefit from professional software, we will of course also support you professionally for the use of the software every day.

For questions after implementation or if you wish to receive support, please contact our support department.





How is your support request processed?

  • By mail :

Any problems are reported by mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You will receive a response containing a unique number, which means we have received your request correctly. A support staff will then investigate your question and will judge which priority is given to it.

Then your request will be scheduled. Our support staff will contact you by appointment, if necessary, to resolve the problem.

Do you have information that, in your opinion, can contribute positively solving your problem? Please add this information via the received link to our service platform. Our support responsible has than centralized all information at his disposal.

By filling in the online form, your support request is immediately reflected in our automated registration system and our staff will have all the information needed to follow your problem quickly.

  • By Phone

If you contact our support service, your question will be carefully registered in our follow-up system and you will receive an email confirming your problem when registering.  We try to take into account as much as possible the priority you indicated.

Under what conditions do we provide support?

The SoftAdvice support desk is a paying service from SoftAdvice.

If you use our Support Desk without having signed a maintenance contract, the estimated hours will be charged on the basis of recalculation at the applicable support rate.

If it appears that your request will exceed 1 hour (if you have database corrections or special file treatments), you will be notified as a user and we will be awaiting your approval before starting the actual work.

Are we looking for it together? Yes we can !

Sometimes we will ask you if we can check and follow on your own screen.  Bij screensharing we see exactly what happens and we can adjust where necessary.

Screensharing tools are found here : For PC users and for Mac users.

What is covered by our support services?

  • Simple questions about using the program and basic functions. However, support is not an Online Training.
  • Providing malfunction reports of software: Operations where the software differs from the documentation.
  • Access to new versions of the program.

What is not covered by our support services?

  • Modifications to templates or layouts or prints.
  • Extra training sessions after implementation.
  • Modifications to the installation of the program (eg move servers or update client PCs)
  • Adaptations to data within the program (passwords - create new users, etc.)
  • Solving IT problems caused by conflicts with other software (virus scanners - Internet access - printer settings)

When can I count on support and what is the response time ?

The response time of our support service depends on the complexity of the question asked. For questions asked during the opening hours, we make a commercially reasonable effort to return a response. Notwithstanding the foregoing, some questions ask specialist skills to answer and if a question can not be answered quickly enough, we will return the requester an estimated time to resolve the problem. At all times, the requester has access to the status of his request through our online unique registration system.

Questions that are send in outside business hours will be processed next business day.