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Chronoscan Capture Desktop is the ultimate suite for scanning, OCR and PDF data capture. Boasting a wealth of features Chronoscan can provide everything from simple capture applications to the most complex and demanding line item data report dismounts. Flexibility is the keyword with Chronoscan in every respect, from input, output and data extraction to direct database integration, providing live bi-directional data exchange and validation. Chronoscan supports direct scanning as well multiple document import streams and automated import queues via the built in hotfolder mechanism, ideal for multifunction devices and email integration.

Chronoscan features

  • Flexible document separation
  • Hotfolders
  • Database integration
  • OCR Triggers
  • PDF to XML/CSV

Flexible document separation

Multiple multipage documentseparation strategies, IDR, OCRtriggers, patchode, barcode, visualsplit...


Automatically execute your jobs using hotfolders without commandline or scripting..

Database integration

Directly validate and perform bidirectional data exchange with anyODBC database..

OCR Triggers

Activate actions such as document splits, ocr zone anchoring and document type changes when specific text is located.


Chronoscan can convert documents to XML/CSV files without any user intervention. Optimise business processes by automating and kind of workflow.