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Easy to use interface :

M-Files integrates directly with the Windows Explorer interface – so there’s no learning curve. You can access the document repository just like a disk drive, and drag and drop files into and out of M-Files in seconds. Learning a new system is usually a tough, time-consuming process. Since M-Files looks and feels so familiar, you don't have to deal with the frustration of learning how to use something foreign. Whether you're using a Windows PC, Mac or Web Access via a web browser, M-Files looks the same.

  • Integration with Windows Explorer – Instant familiar
  • The document repository appears as a virtual disk
  • Drag and drop documents, emails, and other files to save without a problem
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Fast search :

Searching for (and finding) information in M-Files is simple and lightning fast. Search by document name, customer, document type, keyword, and more. M-Files even searches inside documents to make sure you can easily find anything you're looking for. And with efficient local caching, files open fast even with slow and unreliable network connections. Only the latest of every document is shown in the search results, so you'll never have to deal with confusing duplicates. M-Files features advanced search capabilities, so you can even search the contents of documents -- not just titles and metadata.

  • M-Files helps you find the rights document and information instantly by typing keywords in the search box.
  • Make the document available from multiple folders without creating copies.
  • Dynamically view documents in any hierarchical structure you choose.
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Collaboration and workflow :

M-Files automated workflows streamline common business processes (like contract approvals, controlled content, invoicing, etc.) so you can stay productive and ensure compliance. M-Files automatically monitors each step of the workflow process and sends a notification when there's something that needs to be handled. It's simple, quick, and built in to M-Files. All workflow steps are tracked in the version history of each file. Audit-proof your business while gaining full visibility into all of your important business processes. Managing and tracking workflows like contract and invoice approvals requires a lot of time. Because M-Files knows who is responsible for every task along the way, notifications are sent automatically. All workflow steps are tracked in the version history of each file. Audit-proof your business while gaining full visibility into all of your important business processes.

  • Email notification of new and modified documents
  • Simple task assignments for collaboration
  • Basic and advanced workflow capabilties
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Access from everywhere :

Sometimes work needs to get done when you're away from the office. M-Files allows you to access any document, anywhere, any time. With M-Files mobile apps, you can access M-Files repositories from iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices. M-Files Mobile enables businesses to maintain compliance outside of the office. The eSignature capability integrated into M-Files allows for regulated businesses to approve and monitor processes... even from a mobile device.

  • Travelling users can view, edit and store documents in offline mode.
  • M-Files webaccess makes documents available to anyone with a web browser.
  • Native apps for different OS.
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The benefits of digitising your contracts

  • Contract management
  • Permissions
  • Mobile access
  • eDiscovery

Save time and energy

M-Files saves your legal department time and energy with the ability to createdynamic contract templates, and you can also easily import your existingtemplates into the system.

Streamline approvals

To help avoid the typical contract pre-signingchallenges, M-Files provides comprehensive workflow management capabilitiesthat streamline the contract review and approval process.

Version control

M-Files also features version management functionality with the ability to roll-back and compare current contract iterations with past versions, as well as the ability to share drafts for co-authoring with external parties via the cloud.

Streamline access and authorization.

M-Files manages the access permissions of documents and data automaticallybased on the attributes of the content and roles of users. You can enforce fileaccess privileges and retention policies based on the agreement type andautomatically archive or purge documents after their designated retention time.

Rolebase access

M-Files automatically updates access privileges and authorization rightswhen an employee’s role in the organization changes.

Protect sensitive data

With M-Files, protecting sensitive information while making it accessible to specific people in the organization is easy. M-Files manages permissions automatically and dynamically, ensuring data security and maintaining accessibility for everyone.

Access anywhere, anytime

Contract owners and approvers are often on the road and this can significantly slowdown contract life cycle management processes. M-Files enables users to accessthe system from any computer, device and location via the native Windows client,browser, or from M-Files mobile apps.

Simplify collection, organization

With M-Files, your legal department can collect, organize and manage evidence for eDiscovery purposes. Relevant information is easy to identify with powerful search capabilities, including proximity search. Lawyers can review documents in hold individually and place immaterial records back into use.