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Does implementing a document management strategy sounds complex to you ?

  • Saturday, 12 March 2016 18:21

In this article I would like to share a few thoughts around implementing a document management system. A lot of times in early stages of an implementation, during our business assesment, we get queried around document issues. Going a bit further in the discussion we need to explain that the strategy nor the system is not really about the ‘documents’ as such.

Documents carry information and most likely the reason of implementing a strategy or system is to maximize the value of this information and not necesarrily the documents. However documents are often the best physical representation for people to get started. The parito principle, or the 80-20 rule (the law of the vital few) is a good point to start from : Concentrate on 20 % of your documents and get 80 % of return !

Focus on the vital documents and processes, those who are essentials for your business.

Some questions you might want to consider

  • Which documents have the biggest influence on our results?
  • Which documents have the biggest influence on efficiency ?

Do not underestimate the effort you need to put in there. You might find some documents who are rarely used or even not used. Probably they are even more a problem on itself. Dare to elimate those during the implementation.

What can I expect from a good implementation partner ?

Some customers tend to rely on the vendor experience to deliver a turnkey, highly technical system to solve their processes and document issues. While there are some “best practices” associated with a basic implementation, processes can vary even within an organization, from department to department. Should the vendor run its implementation solely ? The answer is NO ! The implementation should be a partnership where an active participation from the keyusers is required to express their needs and where the vendor translates those needs into an automated system.

Just make sure you get it right from the first time and keep it simple!

Consider running a ECM project and want to get it right from the first time ?

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