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How document management can make the life of an Accountant easy

  • Saturday, 12 March 2016 17:28

One of the professions that can benefit the most from the implementation of a Document Management System (DMS), is undoubtedly the accountant or bookkeeper. Just think of all the printouts of documents, purchase and sales invoices delivered by customers. The best way to tackle this problem is to implement an automated, digital archiving system.

Below are summarized the benefits and how such a solution could also help you :

Digital archive

Digitally store documents in a fixed structure, will give you enormous gain of time to retrieve them. E-mails belong also in a DMS system so you immediately have the correct mail at hand when you need it.

Integration with your office software

There are only a few accounting systems, which also provide true digital document management for your office. Solutions on scanning and managing purchase invoices are the most well-known, but did you know that a Document Management System can be integrated into your accounting software to build your permanent and yearly working papers ?

Future vision

Everyone agrees that the role of the accountant is changing rapidly. Technology has taken over part of the work of the accountant / bookkeeper, it is time for the accountant of the future!

Surrounded by the right technology, you will be able to assist your clients whenever they need it. You as an accountant delivers the right information quickly and correctly, however, processing accounting documents is a side issue, advice on the other hand rather substantially. A reliable Document Management System is vital to get organized and efficient and it is just part of the whole information chain in your office.


By using flexible workflows you can, after all, perfectly fulfill all quality obligations regarding money laundering legislation or client acceptance procedures.

Would you like to take a step into the future? See our solution for accountants or contact us us for an informal talk.