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We sell, build and maintain business solutions

At SoftAdvice, we are passionate about transforming the management of your information from chaos into order. Founded in 2000 and having worked in several ERP environments, we decided to focus on information and enterprise content management solutions built on the industry’s leading technology platform, M-Files.

What can we do for your company ?

We put your information to work by :

  • Improving collaboration and knowledge management to drive innovation
  • Increasing the productivity of your employees by helping them find critical information they need to do their jobs
  • Improving information quality to support efficiency and business process automation
  • Improving compliance to reduce risks

Why SoftAdvice

For sure, you noticed that many software vendors love to talk bit and bytes, proof their technology is the best. Sure we sell, build and implement high-tech products (M-Files, Chronoscan), but we understand you do not need to understand how impressive the product is. You need the combination of products and services. We grouped those together in concepts, by industry and by sector. Choosing for us, is choosing for the wisdom about how to use the right concept, including integrations, migrations, user training and choaching.